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So I have a question for whoever may want to take a peek at this... There's this guy that I have been talking to since last Aug. and he is amazing.  He is just like me, and I feel like I have never connected to anyone like this before.  I am pretty sure he knows I have an interest in him, after telling the wrong person in the first place haha... but he is so sweet and kind, very funny and makes me smile.  There are days I am so positive that he likes me that its incredible.  He always talkes to me and I never see him smile so much when I see him.  ppl told me all these key things to tell if he likes me, and i've noticed the vast majority of them all, but most of all its this feeling that I just know.  Its baazar.  I had a relationship before, and we weren't the best match.  But this guy I could see myself with.  So many other people have told me and my friends without knowing that we would be a great couple if he'd ask me out, and they didnt know about my crush haha... I am just so afraid, I don't want to be so confident and heaven forbid it doesn't work out.  I have turned guys down, and have been complimented that I am attractive, which makes me feel good!  Who wouldnt? lol  But days when he is quiet I always feel like its me and doesnt make me feel too good, when I know its not my fault... but I cant help it...

so whats your take? I guess at this point im just looking for some outside advice on whatcha think.


thanks y'all!

Much love :)

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Hi: You know, life is too short. You should take advantage of opportunities sent your way. IF you know there is a connection, then trust your intuition.<br />
good luck! Wem are not meant to be alone!

thank you so much! We have a mutual friend who says the same, and laughs that we are both just as shy... but that was really great advice, thank you!