My Friend With the Pretty Eyes

It happens, and I didn't expect it at all. My pretty-eyed friend has left EP, and there's a hole where she used to be. I was looking for her icon to go to her profile page, but I couldn't find it. It wasn't there. Literally everything's gone. I didn't realise just how much we had msg'ed back and forth. Didn't know how it would leave such a big missing chunk.

Out of 27 friends in my circle, she's not there. Of all the ppl there, she's one of the ones I thought would stay steady. There are some ppl that I stumble across who create their account but never log on. Then there are those who have contributed so much, and meant so much to others, who suddenly pack up and leave.

I'm worried about her - why would she have left this way? So suddenly too. I can't think of anything other than someone she knew discovered her account. But isn't there something where you can change your username? And there's the always changing icons too. I hope she's okay. Wish she'd come back.

I wish she had said goodbye. I know it's selfish of me, but it would have made me feel better, knowing she was fine, and moving on. Closure, or something like that. I really miss her right now. She was always supportive, and cheered me up. I miss her.

This is stupid, talking about her in the past tense. This is reading a bit like an obituary or something. =[ I'm going to end this now.

Today started off crap, and it looks like its about to end the same way.

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4 Responses Sep 18, 2007

i'm sorry, it's never fun when something like that happens. Even though I only just meant you.....<br />
*gives hug and yummy chocolate chip cookie* (cookies make everything better, yeah?) <br />
unless you don't like which case, you can give it back and maybe you'll be happier knowing that you made my day with that cookie. hmm......but now i feel bad cause what if you just feel obligated to give me the cookie? that would just make both of us feel worse. <br />
gah, i'm rambling; sorry! >.< <br />
anyway, hope you feel better soon!

Closure is overrated. The end is just as painful either way. The only medicine other the many pills a doctor will give you is time. Time heals all wounds. If you can get some separation that will help. Don't give into the urge to stalk. Just walk away and go cry in a corner. The tears will help soften the blow.

life moves like the wind you never know when its gonna blow your skirt up and make you feel ****** but then you learn to were pants, if you dont understand then your not mean to know but you will in your own weird way , :-)

*hugs back* thanks sezziy =>