Anyone Interested?

Im firing off a flare into the night sky here hoping someone will see it and come to my rescue. I am so sick and tired of being left dangling in the wind and being passed on by. I am so sick and tired of being used and nothing more comes of it or not even given a chance at something that could be wonderful and something that could be shown to a wonderful woman as something new and never known to exist. I stand here as a good man with a good heart. Full of passion and romance and unimaginable love to give to someone who is looking for a great guy to be with. I want to be in love again and would be great if someone fell in love with me. I am a huge nerd kind of guy. By that I mean comic books, movies, sci fi, anime, cosplay, conventions, video games. Though I dont own any comic books (not since my basement got flooded) but I know marvel and dc and such. I love to make people laugh. I love being poetic and romantic. I love different kinds of foods. I can cook, I even know how to clean and do my own laundry. I love to dance but its better to have someone to dance with. I dont want to go to clubs or bars with someone random and be the possible next contestant on 'GUESS MY STDDDDDDD". Im very smart, I have common sense and Im very strong willed. Im very strong bodied and skilled in alot of things. Though Im a nerd kind of guy Im also someone who enjoys playing sports such as foot ball or rugby. I enjoy goign snow boarding and rock climbing. Im a big guy but Im strong bodied as I said before and Im very warm. Im looking for a beautiful woman. To be honest my kind of girl is petite and tiny or as tall as me. Dont think of me as shallow. I have been with different types of women in my life and I have had bad experiences enough to know what I like. I have also always been considered cute. If there are any women who woudl be interested please get ahold of me. I live in Illinois. Please see my flare in the night sky and come get me
EarthBear2784 EarthBear2784
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012