My Experience To Meet People Here At Ep

It is very interesting to see diffrent kind of people, their attitudes and interests. there are the friendly, honest and open hearted ones. And there are the beaten ones who see anything bad behind words and people because of their difficulties they had in the past. My question now: who of them will have a better life? Surely the honest ones, because they do not bother of the second ones with their fiers of life they project to others. They can live in the here and now and can face any problem and situation. They are the survivors. There is also a third kind of people, the very mental oriented ones. They question anything and have difficulties accepting other oppinions. They feel as kings because they have a trained mind and feel some kind of superiority. But they have a weakness in the heart, to forgive others when something goes wrong. They have problems also to show feelings. They are afraid to let others know what kind of feelings they really have inside. They do not trust others but they want to instruct others all the time. That is why they run many times in problems in life.
This is my experience and I am very grateful for all the questions and answers I could meet here on this homepage. Lets giving thanks to all the people here that make my life a little richer in understanding.
Roland Roger
rolandroger rolandroger
61-65, M
Sep 8, 2012