Looking For New Friends

Im looking for new friends so feel free to add me and yeah I'm new on this site so i will need couple days to get used to it.

Hopefully I will meet new friends :P.

maliq53 maliq53
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Hi! You sound a bit lonely and confused, which is about the norm for most 16-18-year-old kids. Because of EP rules, anyone not a minor can't add you, you have to add them. I'm know as Doc Lawrence around these walls as I'm a child/adolescent psychiatrist and have helped quiet a few kids with major issues, including suicide. I started the group "I Like to Write Poetry from the Soul" as a means for those with self-hate issues, those who are cutters, those generally mixed up (my blender depressants) and those who are over-weight and sad, some wanting to come out sexually but the risks are too high so they weep in pain - so this group became a sacred place to write and release those demons, fears, pains, and to name them, which is a powerful weapon to recovery - the Swiss philosopher Gustoff said "to name is to call into existence," and in writing about our troubles being able to name it takes its phantom powers away - it now has become real, something we can identify, even if it's embarrassing, and work on conquering it, or at least keep it from torturing us in the interim.<br />
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Enough of this my young new friend I'll call Malito for the time being; Hable Espanol mi amigo nuevo? My username is Elliott90 - feel free to knock on my door day or night, and if you're ever really in a bad way, use my emergency medical cell 24/7 REALLY (you can put a block on your end if you wish) 518^821^4044. I've stayed up all night with a EP friend on the verge of hurting herself, I've read stories to put people to sleep after we've chatted until I hear their quiet steady breathing and say good night. There is a young girl who was 16 when I first became part of her life - read her comment on my Whiteboard [go to my profile and select white board on the left column] - she'd be a caring friend - she's adopted me as her EP Dad, even though I'm only 28, but the bond feels like that for her. If you read her comment, you'll get her name - and befriend her and say Doc Lawrence said too because you needed a bubbly friend.<br />
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I'm here to help, point you to some age appropriate peers and give you the ins and outs, plus be a friend and support line if you wish, someone older you can talk to in confidence without fear that somebody might find out. Be well Malito. Cheers! //Doc Lawrence