Someone To Talk To

I am just looking for someone to talk to, I am very open minded and accepting...I respect your opinions but love a good debate. Female or Male it doesn't matter, just some good conversation. :)
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I am lonesome and just looking for someone to talk to. I am all by my self now.

I give it a try, no harm could be done really,I'm looking for someone has a good ear to listen to me, cause my roommate is 29 yrs old, and he goes off to do his thing I'm here till I get tired and finally go to bed. I've been divorced since the late 90's and had a girlfriend who lived south of here, but since my accident back in '04 we haven't talked but once or twice but that was back in ind. where I spent almost 6 yrs in recovery from my close call with the big guy in Heaven.I pulled throught still suffer from a bad back but my only injury was a brain injury. That left me not ever to work again, as I used to be a truck driver mostly short hauls with container freight that came off the ports in Va. and NC sometimes. I really enjoyed the work got to see a lot of country which never really bother me.But My last employer was dummy thought he could save some money by not carrying any insurance on his trucks down here in NC, so when I had my accident I become a ward of the state of Ind. ,where I spent almost 6 yrs in recovery, and what he do, nothing. He didn't bother to contact me to see how I was doing, the bum. Well when he goes before the almighty he won't be able to tell him any song and dance as to why he didn't carry insurance on his trucks in NC, cause he'll already know.

It is interesting how many people say that it is harder to find good friends or conversation on here now. Does this suggest that the quality of user has gone down as the popularity of EP has increased? I wonder if it is more that as the user-base grows, we have to find new ways to interact. If you dwell on the questions section then EP seems mostly superficial - yet if you pick any group with an ounce of substance to it, you will find all sorts of interesting people subscribing to it. Maybe what others are referring to is that it is hard to feel special amidst so many people?

Used to be easier to find friends on here but if you try you can.

It's very hard to find a decent conversation these days. Or at least seemingly so. lol

Internet friends can definitely be good friends and add a little extra to a person's life!