Alone And Afraid

Soon I will be a single mother and fear of what is to come, I want to be a good mother but have soo many concerns and think that I will fail. I am only 22 and have already made many mistakes that can not be taken back. As far as religon goes I have none, and no friends to talk to. Also because of certain situtations, I no longer have much family that I can trust or see to help. My life is getting harder and I have no one to listen, understand, and help without judgement. I need someones advice, but have no one I feel comfortable going to for it. There is soo much pain, hurt, and anger I have inside me right now. That I feel if I was to try to ingore would consume me. I both want, and need to find a way to deal or get through it. please if there is anyone that has time to help and listen, I would really appreciate it.

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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I am also here for you if you want to message me. I'm a mom and would be glad to talk about your situation. I am going through a separation and could benefit from talking to anyone about anything but I'd love to help you.

hi there.i'm also looking someone to talk too.i'd love to listen to you about everything.
i really want to make some please feel free to talk to me.i'll be listening and the way my name is S'lita.