Im looking for someone who can help me heal and get over these horrible times in my life. I want to find someone
KaisonWolf KaisonWolf
18-21, M
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Pray to GOD !!

Im Athiest

athiest? whats this dear?

I dont believe in Gog

here I am get in touch and I will help you

What's wrong?

My life

well what's going on in your life? wanna talk about it?

I dunno

you can tell me anything, I'm all ears ^w^

I thought you and Foalion were back together??

Its more family wise

you're a wolf therian right? well, more specific?

No im a Fae Wolf

Fae Wolf?


May I ask what a Fae Wolf is?

Umm i guess. I'll tell you someother time

ok lol Anyways, what seems to be the matter in your family? Are they giving you a rough time? :c

My dad lashes me, he hit mes, burns me ect. I cut. Im depressed angry and suicidal

Abusive?! D:< grrr... well I have a couple connections on helping you out if ya want? My mate is great with chasing out darkness- well my whole pack is! Why cut? C'mon man, You must be strong in the hardest times, you have much to live for. Do you not fight back?

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