Very Tired!!

I,ve had a wounderful life up until my husband got killed in 1992 due to a tragic accident. I spent a few years alone, and found someone that I thought was genuine. wrong he has treated me like crap for a long time and I allowed it to happen .i,m a stronger lady now.. I do  Know I do not deserve this anymore. I told myself over and over again I will not stoop to nothing less then my man whos 6 feet under he was the greatest. I,m stuck because I forgot who I was and am. if you have any advice please let me know. I have raised a beautiful daughter who serves our country today but wow i,m tired.
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You should not give up because of one bad Experience.World is made up of both good and bad persons...keep your eyes and heart open you will definitely find one if you try hhard .i Found my soul mate in my pet dog . Why don't you try .

thank you ,thank god i never married this person;)

Hi,<br />
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Since you understood the situation and knows that you been used, what are you looking from the world an approval? <br />
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You are the best judge of your decision and if you feel that you can manage yourself and is bold enough to step out in the world alone... please live your life the way you feel you best deserve.<br />
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Best of luck....God bless,<br />
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thank you chetnya.