Maried But Not To My Soulmate

We are all human and in some degree we all need to feel the "oneness" with another soul. My husband has a good sense of humor and a love for animals, but that's about where our common interest end.  I so long for someone I can open myself up to completely. If only I could find someone who gets me. I am living in this loveless, sexless marriage yearning for a soul mate. Someone I can talk to about anything. Someone who doesn't bring me down. Someone who accepts me for me.
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4 Responses Jan 27, 2012

I understand exactly what you're saying. I am also in a marriage like that. What I miss the most is interesting conversation. If I could just get that I would be happy. I have so much to say and no one to hear it. I long to hear someone talking to ME, instead of just talking. I know that probably doesn't make sense to 99% of the ppl reading this. Good luck Twinkletoes68

try to work on your relationship with him. and you knwo something, i think i realised tht true soulmate is completly your opposite, i never experinced that, but tht's wht i noticed lately.
findign a soulmate is not about finding someone who loves exactly the same things as you, or do the same thing. it's just affection and respect and trust relationship between a two people.
i wish tht u'll be happy :)

you should tlk to him and find out why he changed people work thru a lot of problems to save their marriage others decide to leave

I think getting married too soon was our mistake as well. If I took the time to look past my infatuation with him at the time, I would have noticed the potential disaster. He was the type of man who would wait outside the shower with my towel ready after I showered, and he spoiled me with all kinds of treats. I was so blind, enjoying all the attention.That all changed. Now he never holds me, never kisses me and only talks to me if the conversation is about food or the pets.If only I realised then that those things were not what I needed in a soul mate. I could also tell you about how I feel sexually abused by him (the times when he does decide he has the need) but that would not be appropriate here. I also said I would approach love differently te next time round but I am starting to lose faith in the whole "love" thing. Maybe love is just a feeling we convince ourselves of when we think we found someone whom we think we can't live without. Maybe we should rather first look for someone who is totally in sync with us, mind, soul and body and forget about love as such. I even making sense ?