I believe that each and every one of us was not made singly but in pairs. In my case, the other part of me may be thousands of miles or a few blocks away, but I don't really know yet. A soulmate doesn't have to be perfect. He or she just has to love you and be loved by you.


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Very true, but the only problem is finding a soulmate is like looking for needle in stack of hay, and most of the time due to impatience we commit mistakes as we try to compromise. So if you really beieve in what you said, than start practicing to be patient so that you really get the one made for you even though just on the last day of yours on earth....believe me still it is worth.<br />
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I feel I am harsh in my comments, but this is how I feel, as finding a or waiting for true mate is never been easy.<br />
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You are completely and absolutely right! Thank you for your insight :)

I completely agree with that and actually connected with someone who lives over 600 miles away. It just so happened by chance that we were on the same web-site forum at the same time and had made a comment back and forth. Who knew that within time I could say this person MUST be my other half...we both feel like we have known each other forever even just days of first talking. Times like that really make you wonder...

Its so wonderful and heartening to hear that you've found your soulmate. I wish you both the very best!