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 Well, i am not really looking for a soulmate here, ( cause i am taken anyway ) i just want to write a list of what i am looking for in a soulmate. I never really seriously thought about it and that's maybe why i am in constant personal troubles. I think it's a high time to discover what i need and like. Maybe it will help in some way...

Well. He should:

- read books, by books i mean literature, watch good, interesting movies, and be intersted in music ( like: punk rock, alternative, classical for example), cause i need somebody to talk to.

- be sensitive and warm

- be honest and i should be able to depend on him, cannot be flaky and full of excuses.


- need to be easy-going, not pedantic and generaly fun to be with

- HAVE TO BE AFFECTIONATE and passionate

- cannot be too agressive and cant be a sadist in any way.

- should smoke

- HAS TO BE INTELLIGENT and IN MY TYPE PHysicaly, must be cute, i mean, i must be really attracted to him., but i don't really have a concrete type, so there should be just something about him., like a  special voice, eyes or the way he is moving, but he cannot be fat. I dont like it. But if he was tall and skinny ( by skinny i mean, like he wasnt fed well :):)) , and wasn't a brunet that would be perfect!

- have to really love me and be faithful.

- cannot be selfish.

- should be a little unique, a little quirky, i like that. I would like if he had a passion about something.

- and he has to have so called "charakter"

- cannot be a sleazy pervert and a dog and a liar.

- cannot be a psychopath and tyran, or a hypocrite.

well,  the rest is up to him, good luck to myself, haha

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Try wording your list positively - not by saying what he or she cannot be..but what he or she should or must be.<br />
<br />
is - cannot be selfish - must be generous

May i do that honor?<br />
see my profile<br />
thanks ^^<br />
<br />
love u

May i do that honor?<br />
see my profile<br />
thanks ^^<br />
<br />
love u

I was doing fine until the last two.

I am here if you need me...! Hi