Our Hands Our Hearts

I had this dream that me and this guy were very much in love.  We were in the old house were I grew-up and we were in the old bedroom which used to be my brothers.  We were lying in the bed asleep and all around us it was very bright and the sun was shining right in front of the window, (but it didn't hurt or burn our eyes), when he got up I felt in my heart that he didn't want to leave, but he had to.  In the dream, he was a musician and was leaving to go on tour.  I felt this in my heart and it was sad and yearning all at the same time.  He got up and so did I,  Just for that second seeing him get out the bed, knowing that he was leaving it felt as if my spirit was leaving me.  My heart was so sad and it started to get dark around us.  I felt that this was heartbreaking for the both of us.  He took my hand in his and I felt that he didn't want to go no more then I wanted him too.  When he took my hand I felt that life was returning to me and I knew that this was affecting him the same way.  Yet he had to go on this tour.  I heard him say, as we walked around the bed,  "I got to go on this tour".  I saw myself and I was about four to five months pregnant.  Our baby.  He turned to kiss me and our lips, like our hands and our hearts locked together.  All that I had felt was confirmed in that kiss.  He loves me and he would ache for me like I would for him.  He let my hand go and he said that he would call me tonight.  As he pulled away the sunlight faded into the room and took his place as he walked away.  I knew that we would see each other again and I had no need to be sad.  It was as if we both were given strength to endure this time apart.  The light grew brighter and I woke up.   

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks sweet pea!!! Thank you and I hope and pray the same thing for you too!!

I have experienced that, but it was not in a dream. I hope you find what you are looking for and that it lasts a good and long time :)

Amen. Timesoftrouble, Amen!

Its always nice to meet a friend in faith that God is very aware of all things seen and unseen. May God bless you by what's within your heart that He sees all the way to its intent.

Yes, I believe that it does have meaning, (Thank you God!) telling me that one day soon I will meet my soulmate and I also believe that God is letting me know that He knows the desires of my heart and is going to bless me. Thank you both

Dreams can have meaning just as the dream of Nebuchadnezzar that only Daniel could interpret. Whats most important concerning self and God is whats within our hearts that He knows better than we do right down to what the intent may be. Dreams can be questionable, but God is very real and knows all things. However, sweet dreams are good because their not as nightmares, so keep them up and stay happy.