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I have a Facebook account. Just recently my husband's father joined the times and set up his own Facebook and has asked me to be his friend. I have some issues with my husband's side of the family. I feel that they have failed to support their son ( forgetting his birthday, won't visit him) and I know they don't like me. We had a couple of incidents that led them to think that I'm a horrible person. I donated a dresser that was my husband's ( with his permission, and he had it his whole life ) and it turned out to have been his grandmother's. I was demanded to go get the dresser back and return it to his aunt so it could sit in her basement. The other situation was that when my husband's sister was getting married, his sister asked if I would make her table floral arrangements. I stood up to their mother's and said that she could trust me to do only what my husband's sister would approve of for her wedding. I won but at the expense of hurting some feelings.

I have been banned from his parents' and they have made assumptions about me and my life, from my parents being recovering drug addicts ( not the case) I'm too young immature and can't hold down a job ( hmm about that...still working). His dad got in a fight with him on IM becasue his dad felt that I was looking over his shoulder and editing what my husband might say. His parents think that when he talks to them on the phone that I script for him what to say. Now his dad wants to be my " friend" on Facebook. I haven't accepted because I think it's hypocritical and I'm uneasy about why he might want to be my friend. I don't want to cause more issues by ignoring the request so please tell me....

What do I do?

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Oh,I've been through similar with in-laws before!It's a no win situation.You'd do well to go to your privacy settings and block him so he can't even see your Facebook and block anyone connected to him or any of husbands family.They already disapprove of you,falsely accused your family and have made assumptions about you.Now your father in law wants access to your Facebook and by extension your friends list,posts ,etc.Trust me he will find something on your page to twist and cause drama over.Block em,tell them you deleted your Facebook if you have to.You are banned from them in real life don't let them into your online life.You and your husband deserve and need parts of your life free from their toxic behavior Facebook will only add to your problems.Been there.Good luck.

I say add him and change your privacy settings so he can't see your status updates or post on your wall. That way your accepting his (maybe lol) olive branch while keeping your privacy. <br />
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I had to do that with my MIL. She made some status comments that slighted my Mom so now she can't read what I post :)