I Have Been Looking And Not Found The Other Side Of Me.

All my life I have looked for my other half. Seems like I have made "this will do for now and maybe it will grow" choices. I really want to find something I know nothing about and have felt glimpses of in past relationships. But lo I am a man too, if she has the parts and tolerates me and doesn't look bad then I'm half way there? But halfway through my life, I still won't give up my dream of my "daphne". After talking with a friend when I was a teen, the name got made up. Maybe from Daphne on Scoobie Dooo? LOL....
I think my past relationship choices had falability and were doomed from the start. I look back and see with digital eyes what I didn't see with a passionate yet lonesome heart. My physical nature needed attention and my loneliness needed abatement/companionship.
But I refuse to give up on my dreams. One day I pray we find each other.
I'm 48, play sax & guitar & piano, work in IT, I love SciFi, comedy, many movies & TV shows, play golf, play XBOX 360, I am a christian.
I also am fairly bald, a little mid pooch, I mumble to myself when working, say what I think before thinking of what I should say, and a little insecure about relationships. I feel like I have so much unfulfilled potential or is it just simply that my heart has never been truly in love. I don't know where to look and I hope I am actually paying attention at the time. LOL. My luck I may have missed her back many years ago or a quick glance back in a crowd as she walked on past.........
Until then I will watch TV, play XBOX, veg out on sudoku and occassionaly venture forth.....
Just me in Liberty....... Peace out.....

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There you go, just what I am talking about. Simply be aware of all you come in contact with. It could be as simple as someone you converse with everyday or several times a week. Someone in your daily path.<br />
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The two of you just haven't ventured toward that conversation that Ques the other person to pay attention to the one in front of them. Should you get the chance talk to the women, even small talk that is in your path from day to day.<br />
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To me it seems to be odd, but a lot of women think even if they are interested in you they will never say so because their thinking follows the thought if you were interested you would have said something by now. That works both ways!!! When the chips are on the table, neither one one you would know the other is interested or could be unless you TALK to them even a little bit.<br />
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Watch for signs of a woman going out of her way to put herself in front of you. Here is what I mean, for some reason a lot of women will set things up so they are around you. The problem with this ploy to make themselves available is they are so good at it the guy never notices that this is happening and sometimes employing another girl friend to help her arrange things.<br />
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Most guys do not take female hints. Why? Because we are wired direct. Just tell us because we are not aware of the female plot to allow contact with them in a clandestine covert operations such as she wants to make herself ready in case you notice she is there for you to talk with her and maybe ask her out.<br />
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What many men don't realize is women like to think you would notice them because you could see she was interested, NOT. We don't realize that is going on I promise. What the women fail to understand is we have no clue about all these undercover operations they go through to get our attention.<br />
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The male and the female are wired different enough one doesn't notice several moves women make for our benefit. Sorry ladies we don't. We, most of us never got the memo on female ploys 101. Ladies, if you want to know we have noticed you say something direct to us about it. Hi, I think your cute would be helpful to the male mindset. We do not think like females do. Never have and never will.<br />
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There is and has been a major gap between men and women in this respect from the beginning of time. Lots of weird stuff going on in the background so both parties pay attention and everyone SPEAK UP and say what is on your mind to the other. Think about it. If they are not interested that is just one that is for sure eliminated and it is easier to know who might be next and no more wasted time on that one. No big deal. Next!<br />
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Don't expect anyone but your best friend to read your mind and know what you want. How often does your friend get it wrong? Don't even expect someone who doesn't know you to have the tiniest clue about what you might want or be interested in. <br />
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Food for thought. Batteries not included. <br />
Written as an entertaining thought process with a dash of irony.

I just hope I am paying attention and not distracted.

I am glad to hear that I am "NOT" the one LOLLOL. At most Just a friend pointing out that which you seek you may have already met not knowing because neither of you have decided what the other looks like. They may be chatting with you already and you have simply lifted the veil in you mind as to what she looks like.<br />
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If it is to be a meeting of the mind again you may have already spoken to one another. In matters of the heart the other is never very far away...

Well I know it isn't a man and certainly not you. LOL. <br />
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I have been keeping my eyes open, it is a part of me, I won't "not look". I have been following the path laid out for me and will meet that person when the time is right for the both of us. Not being born yesterday does have its advantages. <br />
This is a feeling site, so I can put my feelings where I want and they are just that, it doesn't mean I am falling all over depression to my lack of discovery yet. So I hope I am not sounding desperate.<br />
I am alone, I don't like it and I want to meet that person. I pray to God that when we do meet we both will know. I am a man of faith and I do believe in true love.<br />
I am tired of settling for someone who "might do".<br />
I don't have a set physical characteristic or race or hair color that turns me on, there are so many good looking people out there that the spiritual and the mental have to continue the connection as well and since I am not hormonally challenged at my age, I can be patient to find out.

Here is a thought. When you say you are looking for the one I think I know what you mean. However, the ONE changes whether they are with you or not. Change is ALL you can count on. I would suggest that the one you seek is inside you and when you find that ONE then you can seek the other.<br />
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By not trying to find this special person and allowing things to just happen you will find they are looking for you. This person you are seeking out is never very far away. Due to that fact as you keep looking so hard for them you simply overlook what it is you are looking for. Relax, let it happen on its own, it can do a much better job than you can.<br />
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Have you decided what this person looks like? If not then in general how will you know them when you meet them?