..........Im not the perfect girl...i laugh really loud when i think somethings funny,im not gonna be all cute cheering u on from the side lines~im gonna be getn dirty helping u in the game,my baby toe nail curves in an ackward way,im gettn grey hair and have'nt died it yet,i hate being woken up in the middle of the night for stupid reasons,i cry if i feel that emotion and you know what,my eyeliner gets everywhere,i like bowling and i suck at it,sometimes i get mad at the little things,im not always "done up"i dont always wear makeup,i'll just throw my hair up and go if need be,and yeah if i fall on my *** in front of people i won't jump up and straighten my clothes and smile,im the kind of girl thats gonna sit there and laugh my *** off,at myself,i have insecurities and won't hide nope,im definetly not perfect.but thats alright... i must be doing something right cuz so many wonderful people love me just the way i perfectly imperfect
CraziiBeautiful CraziiBeautiful
31-35, F
Feb 1, 2013