Just Not Actively

I have only been divorced for.... 5 months now.  I am not ready to actively search for someone special.  Though, I wouldn't mind a someone for now.  LOL.

I want someone who is healthy, but doesn't overdo it.  Someone who cares about their looks, but isn't metrosexual or egotistical.  Someone who knows how to handle money.  Someone who has kids.  I like kids.  Can't have any.  I think that a young widower would be a very nice fit for me.

Anyway, so those are some of the things I want.  I am not going to go crazy, and say... his name should start with...  Or he HAS TO HAVE such and such physical attributes.

skinnybitch skinnybitch
26-30, F
6 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I am often told I am funny. But that is only true when I don't try to be funny. LOL.

LOL. You are totally silly. I don't remember asking yes or no questions! *giggle* Thank you for making me smile!


6 huh? Ages? Where are you? What is your story? Message me.

What is it then? Hmmm... Cryptic, if you ask me.

Good luck with that