~ Who'll Know the Treasure.... ~

   He's found in me. I'm looking for the only one who can prove to me they aren't all the same. The one who'll realize just how beautiful I truly am & be thankful that I'm his. The one who will know what a treasure he has found in my heart & treat it accordingly. The one who will want to spend the rest of his life by my side. The one who will be here through thick & thin. Who puts family first & will not run at the first or 100th sign of trouble. Will work with me everyday to make our relationship stronger & more loving. Someone willing to do his half of the work & is willing to help carry some of my load on days when I seem to be weaker than normal.... As I will do the same for him, with love. Most of all, I just want him to understand that although making him happy & feeling secure in my love for him makes me happy ~ I need the same things from him on occasion. I need him to remember my birthday, get me a present on our anniversary & at Christmas. It can be homemade, as long as it has love behind it..... Those are important to me. I need to be loved, cherished, & remembered.... As I will do the same for him.


  WynHaven xxoo

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2 Responses Jun 8, 2009

I sincerely hope you find this man. Most people settle for "nearly perfect" in the end. Otherwise you could go on looking for the rest of your life and possibly end up lonely when you don't want to. We all have flaws after all. Someone will come along who just feels right, but in all honest there will be something, even just a little thing, that is never quite right. Good luck. x

hunny i think we are all looking for our night in shining armor... and i believe GOD will give him to us in his time not ours.. hope you feel the same<br />
love ya<br />