I Do Have Someone In Mind

I'm not mentioning her name.

I will let her come here on here own. LOL

Just so that you know.

Not lony does she tease she also aims to please. hehe
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and always will be WIB. we have gone through a lot on here haven't we. :)

yes ptman ... we were friends over a year ago!! one of the first and one of the best!!

Oh Liz, Santa doesn't have as much time as i do. lol

they definately do WIB, they keep me going. lol<br />
<br />
and so do you, your very special to me. your one of my first friends on here.

you're pretty special yourself ptman ... you must know this ... the ladies tell you often enough!!!

that is what drives me WIB, you know i love this palce and all my lady friends. you ladies are very special to me.

I am good thanks hon ... glad to see you are in great form ... flirting with the ladies as usual!!

that sounds delicious WIB, i'll have it for breakfast. lol<br />
<br />
how are you sweet heart?

well ... while you're on your knees ptman ... allow me to give you something to occupy you for a few minutes ...

then definately i was calling for you. :)<br />
<br />
now can you give me an idea of how it sounded? lol

was it the echoing moans Liz? lol<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
WIB no more need said, i just finished reading your story. i'm on my knees again. :)

oh yea, it's the harem tent. hehe or it could be my tent. :)

I just might have to shave your bush away Sara. :)

LOL, pitching a tent.

ptman... your tent comes after my bush.... now... back off....<br />
<br />
MMMM, Pixie... you smell so good... and feel so wonderful....

I didn't come here for camping ptman ... but you can always light a fire if you want to persuade me.

The tent is up Pix. so just help yourself. lol

Ptman... you're pitching a tent! LOL

don't stop now beautiful Sara, mmmm yes.

*blush* Oh Sara!

<br />
(Sara is SO enjoying this hug... in fact... I am squeezing harder... oh my, those Pixie boobs feel soooooo good against mine... and well, certain parts of us are kinda grinding into each other and.....)<br />
<br />
Well, WiB! DO come in!!!!!!

Oh I'm not just standing here ptman ... can't you see me from there?

it helps with my stress. lol and get's my potion going. hehe

hehehe!!!! Good old fashioned flirting from the King :-)

oh yea bring her in here for some good old fashion flirting Pix. :)

Pix hold her arms out to WIB :-) ((((hug))))

well don't just stand there WIB, come on in and join the fun. :)

aw that's nice ptman ... good ol' sara ...

of course Sara, your one of my favorites also. talking about getting teased into a frenzy. you and Pix together. oh my. :)

Sara sweetie!!!! Pix runs to her and hugs her!

i'm sure that there are many on EP, but i do have to say that your my queen of tease lady. ummm mmm mmm<br />
<br />

Sara pushes door open... <br />
<br />
"HI! Can I come in?"

Yes Ptman, "spill it baby"!!!! Pix grins... the "beans" that is, of course! hehehe! *wink* ;-)

Hello Pix, come on in. hehe<br />
<br />
<br />
WIB, now take a wild guess. lol

Who are you talking about ptman? Come on ... spill the beans.

Pix timidly steps inside and looks around.... hello??? is anyone here??