I'm Very Attracted To Women With Naturally Curvy and Hairy Bodies

I'm very into many things about women in general, both physical things and otherwise. I am seeking a woman who, ideally, is a bit younger than Me, shorter than Me (I'm 5'6"), with long(er) hair, and who is very curvy, busty, and even chubby but not too huge (though I know that's subjective). Also, while I enjoy all hair colors I absolutely love red hair in any of its various shades.

I'm so frustrated at what Western society, the US especially, has had shoved down its collective throat literally through the brainwashing over the decades by Corporate America and its advertising. People have been made to believe that body hair on women (but now even MEN) is virtually equal if not actually equal to lack of hygiene. Those are two separate issues completely. In the end, it's just a matter of preference, but very few seem to view it that way. As well, very few actually seem to stop and actually process why it is they feel how they feel about the topic. They just have been indoctrinated to believe that body hair is wrong and gross, and that's just the way it is instead of that (just maybe) they were taught to believe that by the media as were their elder family members before them.

I love women with naturally hairy, unshaven bodies. Depending on the body, maybe even the more and longer the body hair the better. One possible exception would be anything from the chest or neck up, but that's just Me.

I respect people who prefer shaving IF the preference is for the right reasons.

Anyway... in this current society, especially in the Southern California (Los Angeles South Bay) area where I live, it seems next to impossible to meet women who not only don't shave, but are comfortable with it, have no need to do it, and maybe even feel proud of their completely natural hairy bodies (arms, legs, torsos, groins, and even as-ses). Oh yeah, and who are also heterosexual. I've run across many women who are that way, but are also lesbian, for example, which is fine if they are. But, Me being straight, it naturally presents a problem when seeking a romantic connection in life. And yes, when I say "romantic" I do mean that... not merely 'sexual'.

I welcome any women to comment here and especially to message Me if you feel so lead. I would be happy to talk to any of you. I would especially if you're single, match the basic description I gave in the beginning, are interested in BDSM and M/s (are you on fetlife?), live in My general area, and would be interested in communicating outside of this site.

Thanks and take care,

~ M

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Too bad im not red haired. :(

I love that there are men out there like you. Sorry I just got married :)

I just started a group 'I think hairy women are sexy'..... would be great if you could join!

I dont know I do what I want when I want to. What I mean by that is I do it when its appropriate otherwise I don't stress over it. If I am going to be wearing shorts then I shave my legs, if I am going swimming then I will shave my lady place, if I am wearing a tank top then I will worry about shaving under my arms but I do it for me. With my job I have to wear slacks and a polo everyday so if I don't get to it then its fine I just do it when appropriate. Takes the stress off and my fiancee doesn't seem to notice or care either way lol so its good!

I don't shave down there, it's too annoying and I'm lazy and shaving down there sometimes produces hair bumps to people with very course hair. Why walk around with a bald p-- with razor burn? Not sexy at all. I have never had men complain, but then again I don't live in LA. I live in a place where women are at least allowed to be somewhat natural.

Well done. I agree with your comment. However, to be fair, while L.A. isn't entirely comprised of bald-bodied women (and men, for that matter) and there are plenty of people of all sorts who live as they wish... the overall, pressure to look according to a certain "expectation" is felt almost everywhere one goes. As it is everywhere, in fact, not just here.

I'm always very happy to learn of more women who choose to maintain their bodies as they wish rather than bend to the brainwashing pressures of society. Again I say, 'well done.' :)

Congratulations, I happen to find women with body hair much more attractive and sexy. It's a fact when making love we perspire quite a bit, it's also true that this brings out the sensuality in us, if one isn't comfy with their lovers perspiration there is a problem. I have found unshaven women hold in that special odor and to be allowed to kiss lick suck any and all body parts is a rare pleasure, sure wish you lived closer, thank you for being here

I shave clean the hairs on my armpit^^ but not down there.^^

I dont beleive being hairy makes you stinky or unhygeinic, BUT if you have a full bush down there, once you GET clean, you will PICK UP smell faster, and that is just a fact- like I said hair does not make you dirty, but it does get you smelly quicker than not having hair down there. Not even just the whole concept of hair but I think we as a society focus WAY to much on bodies period. Sometimes I think about how way back in the day women were VERY covered, they wore the long dresses all year round and never exposed much of anything, I wonder how ppl viewed hair back then? I guess if you married a woman and she was hairy you had better like it, b/c you married her lol

You raise very good points. Yes, body hair serves the natural biological function of collecting and giving off bodily aromas and pheromones that humans sense and react to, even if subconsciously. People confuse that with uncleanliness and having unpleasant or offensive odors created by bacteria, which is a completely different thing. Hair or not, that can always be solved by washing.

As to your comment about the past, that is very true. Long ago, and even not that long ago, body hair was just not much of an issue at all, at least by comparison to today. There clearly were other things in life to consider. I am always delighted when I see people who have no significant opinion about body hair one way or the other because they are more focused on the nature of a person's character and behavior.

I happen to enjoy a woman down there the more the better, her smell is intoxicating

me too. I love hairy ******* bigtime! They hold the love juices together so well huh?

If I come across a man who likes it bushy... Amen!

:) Thanks for reading.

If I come across a woman who is actually bushy... Amen! ;)

Me me me, I adore bushy the bushier the better, please contact if at all possible

I'm not one to care so much about what society thinks, but as a single lady, I do care what potential boyfriend/life partners might think. I do not trim or shave my pubic area. This inevitably comes up in conversation (because I'm a naughty girl?) and I can't believe some of the negative responses I've had. Men, who previously seemed interested in me as a person, stated there was NO WAY they would consider being my lover if I didn't shave it all off! Seriously? It's not that I am opposed to doing away with some of that very hairy area. For over a decade my former husband was in charge of my pubes and he kept them in a buzz cut. If my future fella wanted something specific and was willing to maintain it, I'd probably be ok with that. For now, I'm the only one working my way through that jungle, and I really like it!

I'm sure you'll find a guy who loves exploring your bush... just avoid the closed minded brain washed douchebags and you're good.

Good luck!

Thanks shizengadaisuki - I'll put that on my list: avoid closed minded brain washed dougebags. Check!

lol good advice. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

:) Good response. True... good things to always look for, not only in this case but in ALL of life.

Thanks for reading My story. I do tend to agree what what you're talking about. I know that people are just gonna like what they like. But, as I state in My stories, I'm always in question of the actual reasons for the opinions they have. Whether it's regarding this topic or anything else, you deserve to be respected, as do we all. Of course, if I have My way, the compatible woman I ultimately find will not only not have to but will not be allowed to shave any of her body hair... at all, ever, with the exception of maintaining from the neck upward herself. If her body is to be shaved at all, I want to be the one to do that. So, hopefully she will be okay with that. Anyway... again, thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment or send messages anytime you wish. *hugz*

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Um, why do us as humans believe a female should be literally bare, I wax my legs, and you know where, however, if a girl/woman chooses to grow her natural body hair, many say "ewwwwwww, you have a fetish".....PURLEEZE!<br />
<br />
What IS a fetish, is insisting a fully grown adult female be "smooth/bald" like a pre teen, now THAT is odd.<br />
<br />
I wax, my la la and have done since 17 years old, but not due to the male species indoctrinating into me that smooth = feminine, more so, I just like it, of course some will say " buy WHY do you feel this way"?<br />
<br />
Good question, but I maintain I have NOT been indoctrinated......<br />
<br />
Oh, and when I say wax, not everything, nope, you gotta leave something left....*skips back out*.


haha. my gosh, you do have a fetish. <br />
But do you like to eat hair as well? I know a lot of men that say the same thing whenever a woman complains about shaving, "I like to eat pu$$y not hair!"

:) The hair is never a problem. The only issue I really ever have has to do with hygiene. A clean body (shaven or not) is a good body. I know each person has their own fragrances too, so that's always a case-by-case situation. But, of course, "fragrances" are a world apart from "odors" which most of us care to avoid. :) Btw... I would add that I'm hardly unique in finding pleasure from natural-bodied women. MANY more Men (and women, I might add) also feel the same. We just might not be quite as vocal for a variety of reasons; fear of ridicule, chastisement, etc. Those of us, however, who are confident and secure enough tend to speak up. The problem, as I've mentioned, is that the vast majority of society have been deeply brainwashed for generations by corporations and the media who tell us how we "should" feel and think. I just choose to make My mind up for Myself, or at least do the best I can at it.

I like to shave.... My legs feel so soft and smooth and sensual and it makes me feel good. Now the bikini area... Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I use to just keep it trimmed, then I went down to a landing *****.. Then my husband wanted it bare.. I protested at first- always seemed weird to me and juvenile. But then I did it one day for him- cuz hey- I think that is what marriage is about, if I can please him and it's not hurting me I'm all for it. But once I shaved it all off I loved it...it feels so smooth and soft... It feels cleaner.. And he loved it! I don't like the upkeep tho..so I will continue to go back and forth as the mpod strikes me. So there you go- just am ordinary girls view...

No worries. Sounds good and makes sense. But I did take notice of your phrase "it feels cleaner". Perception. It's always interesting. It may 'feel' cleaner, but that doesn't mean that it is any more or less clean than before shaving. Nevertheless, I'm glad you're happy with what you do. Ultimately, that's the important thing. :) *hugz*

Ha- I figured u would nprice that phrase...but it is summer.. It's 100 degrees outside and I play softball and other things and get hot and sweaty.... So just like putting my hair in a pony tail to feel cooler and not have it hot and sweaty on my back and shoulders.... Same with that.... Lol

I'd love to see you hot and sweaty MMmmmm :)

Thank you all for your replies. I hope to find new comments in time. <br />
<br />
My general feeling, and I may be repeating Myself here, nobody should ever feel pressured to groom themselves any particular way. As long as cleanliness is maintained for health issues, there is no real and proven connection between hair on the body, no matter the amount, and problematic uncleanliness or getting disease. Lack of hygiene and potential diseases can all happen with or without body hair. Naturally there are always rare exceptions. In all the arguments many people provide for shaving, body hair overall becomes a non-issue because one doesn't have anything to do with the other. So, when people question whether or not to shave, I usually say if you don't want to, don't. Just keep a clean body and you'll be fine. Also, if you choose to, that's equally fine. Not unlike many other things in life, just make sure you're doing it for the best reasons. It's always better to because YOU want to rather than because you're made to believe you "have to" or are "supposed to".<br />
<br />
It's good to see all your replies. :) I look forward to and welcome more.

personal opinion. ewww. But I hear ya. my kid grows it everywhere. Just cause it grows there. Go figure.

:) Good to hear.

lol That's fine. Body hair on a woman isn't the only thing about a woman I find attractive, but it's a pretty big thing. :)

How can I buy 'hair to stay magazine'?

@Raf - I could be in error, but I believe it's just an online magazine with the occasional article. But really, from what I've seen, it's an outlet for promoting various hairy-themed **** sites, fee-based or otherwise. Google the name and you'll find it.

i dont shave done there darling