Nturally Hairy Women Are Very Sexy

I like naturally sexy women. Why? It's something wild, kinda ancient attractiveness to natural wild woman, with her natural woman's smell.
I love to lick hairy and very hairy *****, i like also to lick hairy *******...everything natural...
Hairywomenlover Hairywomenlover 31-35, M 6 Responses Aug 3, 2011

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Wow..i wish i cud hava go at it too like yu maan.


I love hairy *****, especially if it comes out the sides and top of your panties. I also love seeing big lips sticking out. Oh... this is turning me on as I type. A big hairy roast beef sandwich, soaked with a good helping of thick gooey p*ssy juice. THAT'S GOOD EAT'N!

I like your story...where can I find a man like u who appreciates hairiness

I am right here...

I am here and in a sexless marriage not by my fault...

I love to fine me a female with hairy forearms and thick hairy bush, but many female like to shaved it and look like small child now days..South Carolina hard place to find hairy females..

any were is hard to find a hairy women for sure!!!

I like your story :)

We all have certain prefrences.