The Catch.......

If you are not married to your 'true love', you either have to leave and go find this 'true love' or learn how to make your marriage work right. I bet you thought your spouse was your true love at the beginning .........what went wrong?
I'd google relationship tips and figure out how to make your marriage better
jimrich jimrich
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1 Response Feb 23, 2011

I married a guy 2 years back, I have a daughter but still looking for true love. Just want to get one more chance to start my life all over again. I want to rollback my life just 2 years back. This time I want to wait till I find my true love. I believe it is somewhere its that I, just missed it. Now nothing is possible, I ruined my life. Its all finished.

Read some relationship books and get ready to be a "true love" your self.