How Can It Be

that I am the only member of this group, and I haven't even submitted a story?


Well Now I have. 

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2008

Shaylon: I like your idea. I wish it was that simple. I'm past trhe point of talking to her about it. She even refused to see a marriage counselor of her choice. It's not like we are married anymore. We just have two grown kids and live in the same house. (different rooms)

It should! And marriage doesn't even need to be part of it---giving of yourself willing to a person is a wonderful feeling!

Yes it would seem to me that "true love" much less marriage would include sex at some point! I read your other story. Why not tell your wife that you will have to resort to ordering in hookers until such time as she is willing to perform her wifely duties! Or get a third towel and hang it in your bathroom.