Lonely Missing Romance , Missing A Best Friend

have been married for 15 years and for the last 10 years it has been like being with a room mate not a wife theres no love no romance no sex no cuddling no nothing i miss having those nights where you cuddle on the couch on wach a movie or have a few drinks and just get lost in eachother and the conversation i miss having a best friend i can talk to about anything i believe in a relationship you need romance love honesty respect trust and most of all communication i have none of it and tired of it its time to fond that special someone and be happy instead of being miserable and depessed ....
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I'm in exactly the same situation but we have 2 kids who need us emotionally and financially together. It's so hard to be selfish so you can be happy but maki g the kids unhappy....is it worth it? What if you don't meer anyone else, or you do and they are married (already happened to me!). Being alone and broke is not what I want. Can you get counselling? Have you told her how you feel. I did both, my husband said thanks for being honest and is now trying but the love has gone.

I met a man who I really like and heard similar thing from him, he is married 17 years and said it felt so nice to talk to me and feel like someone is interested in him and not material things. He has 3 kids and said that is the reason he is staying with her. He writes to me almost everyday. Tell me from your perspective as a man in same situation could it be possible for something to workout between me and him?
Also why are you still married if you are not happy? Kids no kids I really dont see why not to separate..
best to you

I would like to wait to get divorced until my kids move away after high school. The other problem I have with getting divorced is that we owe a lot of money....if we got divorced we could not keep our house....if the kids were gone the house would not matter.

I would prefer to fix my relationship with my wife, but you can't always get what you want.

Everything is possible if you still have feelings for each other. However, this kind of thing is not very fare to a third person, if there is one. I have offered my guy to help to fix his marriage.
However, what good do you think it does to your kids to stay? They see more then grown ups think. They see how the relationship is not good and they build their own opinion on how their lives should be based on that. So in future they will think its ok to be married without love and happiness. What good does that do?

I understand your point and not judging just look from all sides