Looken For Love

i love my wife do anything she asks more or less kiss her *** tell her how pretty she is etc ive tryed everything but cant get the love back its been 4 years since sex im good looken smart etc. ive talked to her  so she will give me a kiss and thinks thats enough i have had it but have a 10 yr old girl and shes daddys girl cant leave her. dont think she is cheaten just not in love with me anymore. what do i do ' i have so much love to give.

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46-50, M
3 Responses Nov 8, 2009

do what ever you like<br />
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If you are not getting what you need at home, you need to find it somewhere else. We are human beings, sexual creatures, who have needs (some more than others). Be discreet and get some. You'll be happier, believe me.

would your wife be upset if you took a lover? or have you not talked about what's going on yet. its hard to love someone when they dont love you back i hope you find some way to get what you both need