I'm Looking Too...but I'm Not So Sure?

I wonder, it's not best to homogenize everybody anyway but I wonder if those subscribing to this group including myself, is unhappy because we're spoiled jerks? Just wondering. Or we have actual problems within our relationships? Or better yet we are addicted to the initial stages of falling in love, assuming that we have been married for awhile thinking it is better than what we are having right now? I'm looking at so many people who are in many relationships, marriage, partnerships and I notice none of them are completely and truly satisfied with what they have. So at this point I'm just going to keep on wondering until someone tells me what the hell is going on?! :)

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3 Responses Feb 3, 2010

I broke up with my partner but we're still seeing each other as we have children. And I think I know deep down inside I'm very much in love with him, it's just that I realized that he disappoints me a lot because I don't think he gave me the same amount of devotion and love that I gave him before. I suppose there is no such thing as getting your cake and eating it too, in this case I am in love with someone who is in love with me but can't commit to me, and lol, I think is an idiot. Despite those, he's a very very nice human being and person and he has his faults, it's just that I cannot deal with those faults, not right now anyway :)

If some one tells you please share. How are things now?

we are addicted to the initial stages of falling in love... true love is hard to find, takes sacrifices, it doesnt feel good all the time. Being unsatisfied its so normal nowadays, we think we will be complete if we find our "better half" but... we need to find satisfaction and happiness within ourselves first.