I Just Got Watching A Documentary On The History Channel "apocalypse Island 2012"

March Tuesday 9, 2010 I Just got watching a Documentary on the History Channel "Apocalypse Island 2012"

A Couple of Archaeologist that have been working in Central America on the Aztec Site, went to Easter Island to find out that it had an Undiscovered Site that maybe the December 21, 2012 Discovery.  It is the perfect place to capture every Astronomical Occurrences that will Happen on December 21, 2010. Venus will Cross the Sun at the Southern Hemisphere being the Summer Solstice as the Northern Hemisphere having the Winter Solstice. Also at that time will be a Solar Eclipse and also this is when the Earth makes an alignment with the Center of the Milky-way Galaxy.  With all these events, It was realized that a Discovery Tomb Site on a remote site of Easter Island appears Aztec and is the perfect site for this Astronomical Occurrence. It's a mystery being speculated as to why it seems to be idea for this event.  I haven't been able to catch all the technical terms to share it here any better, but maybe as I can inform what little I am preceiving of this the more into this can be idea to get noticed. I always had assumed Easter Island may have had origins from Central America and the Aztecs. And some things I am hoping is being Discovered on this.

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Mar 9, 2010