Working My A$$ Off

I'm so frigging determined to make 2008 better than any other! I'm not looking for stupid endless pleasures for gluttony. I'm looking for becoming more mature and wise. I'm determined to better my attitude, become more positive and cheerful, more peaceful and radiant. No matter what 2008 brings and I know that it will bring about lots of changes, but I'm ready. Those changes may not please me at first, but I know that through them I'll develop.

Mind determines a lot in our lives and my mind is set. It's been a crazy beginning of 2008, lots, lots of things have happened already, things that made me cry and go through so much pain, but look at me now! Am I miserable? No. Well, I do manifest an old mindset that sometimes sulks and says "Life sux, go to hell everybody, I just wanna die" or whatever. But then I get up again and continue my journey. I've already gone far for the past 3 months and even though my heart is still bleeding, I have no choice but to go through this with as little resistance as possible. This way I will reach the light. Soon.

misasja misasja
26-30, F
Mar 19, 2008