That Is Just Sexy......

....other's think it's trashy, but I don't care I find it just hot, like a belly button piercing. I will get one with three hearts, the center one larger. Maybe just that, but I may go a bit "crazy" at the tattoo shop. When it shows up above my panties when I bend down, I'd feel all female.......
DianeAlena DianeAlena
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9 Responses Aug 1, 2010

So agree, I am going to get one have even decided on the design. Right now I cant wait to get it and show it off proudly

not yet but really want one, just have not decided on the style just yet.

Do it, girl!!!

That is a tattoo for girls just above the bum cheeks ;-)

<b>for the uninformed</b>, what&rsquo;s a “tramp stamp”?

I got my belly button pierced a couple years ago, with no regrets EVER !!!! I can just say "Do it!" ;-)

No regrets on that one, ever.....

Yeah true, butterflies are pretty too. They also reveal the feeling in your stomach about love....

Heh ... I could go for butterflies...they come out of their cocoon changed into something beautiful

I love that, too.....maybe I'll do both combined....

Yeah I know, you really have to think about what you put above your butt forever. I think I'll go for a large heart with the arrow through it. A real cute one, with some stuff next to it.

I'm thinking henna ... till I find the best one for me.

Yeah, it has to be one you love for yourself......if you ever had to remove it, you'll have ugly scars all over one of the sexiest parts a woman can show in public.....the hot part just above the panty-line. Men love to melt their eyes on THAT spot ;-)