"Heaven Bound In the Dead of Winter" By Curt Erler

People have always asked, have you an idea of 'your' Heaven?

I  have been there! Here's an excerpt from my book;
"Heaven Bound In The Dead Of Winter" Curt Erler
Golden fields of autumn are now sprinkled with a
buttery caramel carpet. A beautiful moon...my German
Grandma’s “Schöne Moon” ...is peeping through the trees. It
glows its golden light for strolling lovers on this Heavenly fall
night. A strange enchanting magic abounds as God is surely
showing his love...and it’s all for you...
~ ~  ~ ~
The golden moon is gleaming...
A million stars are all aglow as their songs are sung...
A melodious tune by each and every glittering star...
Glorious songs seem to float upon the Heavenly air....
Folks are dancing on cotton-candy clouds...
They’re dancin’ in God’s golden moonlight...
©  L. Curt Erler
So --- what do you think of that?
Keep Smilin',

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Oct 1, 2009