No Longer Crying About The Past

I used to remember the past and feel bad about myself. I used to felt ashamed and criticized myself for the mistakes I made, in other words I was my own worst enemy.  I cannot say I blame myself or I blame other people for it, but for some reason it happened, for me to grow from it.  Today I still remember the past but feel much better knowing I am doing something for myself.  I no longer feel like crap when I look back.  even I'm thinking right now, some of the depressing stories I used to write no longer apply to me. Worries are gone and everything I wanted is working the way I wanted.  Being with my family is more important than anything. 

Now I'm thinking about the future with a smile in my face, even when I'm thinking about the past, I smile about it too.  I don't think I'm losing it,  I just don't think I have any reason to be sad about or worries to think about.

I no longer over think in a sad way but my mind still wonder around like a little kid.  
OoLunaoO OoLunaoO
Nov 26, 2012