Good And Baad Dxd

this happened when i was 16, i was in 11th grade, just finishing somethings before starting classes again, i was a real happy guy back then. My best friend (Nicky) and I were at her house talking bout thing and seeing some videos on youtube. she then gets a call, from fer best friend from elementary school, dont know what they we're talking but she said i haven't seen you in a while i didn't "leave you" for anyone, you left me (friend talk, not girlfriend-boyfriend talk). then he said to me on the phone to see who she was "cheating on him" with. At first I was like weirdified that he would want to talk to me but i picked the phone and we talked for like a while and laughed so much that we talked like everyday after school without fail. Till one day he asked me if it was true i was gay, at first i was in shock by his question but then i simply said yeah, why? He said no for nothing just wanted to know, then just started asking me these weird questions like if i have a boyfriend, if i had ever f****d a guy before and I said no, I was a virgin, have you? At first I took it as a joke cause i thought he was straight but then he said yeah, he once ****** with his sports teacher in 9th grade. I was like you gotta be kidding me!!! and he was like it's true i did but let's change subject ok? Me in shock i just said sure okay. and then he invited me and Nicky to a sleep over birthday party in his house for a friend of theirs. after some thinking i said sure, okay and then came the day of the party, it was just me, Nicky, the birthday girl (Williany) and Bryan. When i first saw him i was like looking at him up and down over and over again till he said it's nice to finally meet you in person and kissed me on the cheek (pretty weird cause i never done that before)

After we sang happy birthday we stay in Bryan's room watching a movie, Nicky and Williany we're more focused watching the movie and I was layed down on Nicky's waist and Bryan was behind me. I couldn't shake the feeling that Bryan was looking at me cause knowing what he and his sports teacher did had me really nervous with him behind me. And then i felt him getting closer to me and moving my hair behind my ear, he did it so gently i got goose bumps all over, i turned back and looked at him like what are you doin!? and he simply put his finger in my mouth and shushed quietly and then kissed my mouth very slowly, his lips felt so amazing i started to get hard then he started to gently rub my neck as he turned my face away, while at the same time talking to Nicky and Williany so they wouldn't notice what he was doing. Then after a lil while he started to move me while opening his legs so i could lie down in the middle of them, on his c*** too. There i could feel his ***** against my back at it got me real horny, but i was so nervous i didn't know what to do, then he started to rub me all over, my chest, my arms, my face, he then sneaked his hand under my shirt and started to gently rub my stomach with the tip of his finger, that got me so turned on i just froze, the he grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard p**** and had me "play with it" as he then started to moan softly at my ear and kiss my neck while rubbing my chest with his cold hands. then with his other hand he made his way down to my *****. At first I resisted and wanted to get up but he grabbed my hand a trapped me with his legs then, he sneaked his hand under my pants and grabbed my C***, his hand was so cold i could feel my whole body exploding out of pleasure, it felt so good i froze again and just let him give me a h******, then he started to get up and lie down in front of me, Nicky and williany were so into the movie they didn't notice a thing he started to lift my shirt and licking my stomach while rubbing my chest and my nipples then he started licking my abs and went to lower to my pants exposing my hard c*** then giving me a b****** i swear i never felt anything so good in my life and i felt the need to moan real loudly but i hold it in and enjoyed excited so turned on as he sucked me off and licked my sensitive head, then i felt him stop and i looked at him like what the hell while he covered me up. Then i noticed Nicky getting up saying that they were gonna sleep, and Bryan said okay turning of the TV and guiding them to the other room.

I was so nervous but at the same time anxious that he came back that every time he left to tell them something i was like, impatient, them when he finally settled in, i was lying in bed waiting for what's to come, them he jumps on me so close to my face and asked me if it was true i was a virgin, and i just said yes, like hypnotized, really really virgin? yes. i can see that, then he grabbed my d*** and sucked me off once again as i went on my turning on shock again, he did it so hard and so slow i felt like i wanted to c*** right there in his mouth. he then get's up puts lock on the door and starts taking of his clothes and there i saw his hard-8inched-thing so up and so hard, with that little glimpse of it i immediately had the urge to get that thing in my mouth and suck him of right there and taste what i had imagined must be like heaven and i did, it tasted so good i didn't notice him close to comin till i heard him moaning loudly enough for me to get back a let him come all over my body, he then started to suck me off so good and so hard this time i came so hard in his mouth,then when he finished sucking me of he got up and i noticed he was still hard and horny then turned to look for something in his drawer, i didn't have to look to guess what was he looking for but i was so turned on i didn't move at all as he then lies on me turns me around to tell me to relax and breath deeply, i did as he asked as he slowly puts it in me. At first it felt like my whole world came crashing down, he got into me slowly but fully, he then held for a while so i could get a grip he then lies on me and tells me to relax with his hypnotic voice that left me breathless he then started to really f*** me slow at first, but hard at last, after a while it just felt so good i got turned on and hard all over again, we then lie down sideways and he start giving me a h****** while f****** real hard in me, as hard as he was doing me it was as close as he was to blow up his second load, this time inside me and rubbed my d*** even harder making me reach the limit in which i shot my load once again and i could here and feel him comin too. after that we put our clothes on and laid there together and slept till morning. After that we just never talked again like we used to, actually we never talk at all anymore cause it turns out i was just a one night thing fantasy for him so i sent him to hell and never talked to him again. Only Nicky know what happened that night and still hates me for that, but she still loves me.
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I'm sorry u were so used! I hope my first time is kinda like that cause its sounds like such fun but i also hope it isn't cause I don't want my first to leave me feeling used.