I Saw The Girl Across The Street Get Spanked By Her Mom!

When i was bout 14 and the girl was 13.We were playing that day n her mom came up to us n said that no one is allowed in the house that she was going shopping,we said ok.Her mom went out n I told her lets go in the housre for a drink n play aroung.So we did what a mistake.Her mom came in and caught us.She said her daughter cant play no more n asked me to leave.Well I went outside but didint leave I heard her beg her mom not to spank her,but she said too late.I was by the screen door watching as her mom grabbed her n sat down on the steps .Yanked her daughter over her knee n started spanking her on her bikini bottom nice n hard u could hear the smacks.I watched her getting spanked n was getting turned on.Then her mom ripped her bikini bottom off n started to spank her bare *** real good,U was getting turned on wastching her mother spanking her.She spanked her good n hard for 30 minutes she was squirming n crying as she got spanked.All I thought of was I could of got spanked too cause I encourage her to let of in :) Her mother sure could spank too,her *** was good n red when done!
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nice would u have spanked her that hard

Yes I would of spanked her hard she deserved a good hard spanking.

I should get spanked..

A bad girl should always get spanked

Yes they should get spanked :)

I love being spanked...

Yesssss mmmm u like to get spanked n i like to spank :)


Really u need a spanking :)

I know I do :)

Do u need a spanking? Wish i was there to spank you :)

Yes I need a spanking, I wish you were here too :) message me? add me? :)

I will going out i will did it later today spanks to u n we cab chat :)---

okay :)

hi there i added u to my circle r u online?

so have u been spanked lately n who spanks u n how do u get spanked?

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What did you do after getting turned on?<br />
Spanking does the same to me.

yes seeing one get spank sure does turn people on an getting also