I Can Hear You!

Yesterday I received my brand new hearing aid. Oh my gosh what a difference! I knew my hearing had become quite diminished in a relatively short time, but not THIS much! Life had become more and more frustrating for me and those around me to. Never quite getting all that was said, not quite understanding all the words spoken. Accused of just not paying attention or just pain ignoring. Straining to hear my grand daughter on the phone missing most of what she said. Tears cried secretly in frustration not understanding what was happening, TV blaring in the background, my husbands face set in stone. It was he who finally suggested I be checked, there must be something wrong. I sat there bewildered, never having it occurred to me it could be hearing loss. What a fool. So to the Dr I go only to discover that it indeed I have lost a good deal of hearing and need a hearing aid and the sooner the better. So two weeks later, here I am. The traffic on the way home was loud and crazy, I can hear the rain. I can hear the dogs nails clicking on the bathroom floors tile, I can hear my husband whisper. I heard the windstorm last night as it rushed throughout the boughs. And best of all I heard the sweet and lilting voice of my sweet grand daughter. This is only with my hearing aid set at 65% since I'm a brand new user. The Dr rightly though 100% would be too much for now. Too overwhelming for my brain to process at first. I can certainly see why. I am blown away right now with this beautiful gift. Never take for granted the gift of sight or sound but treasure every moment,before it goes away.
wanderingvine wanderingvine
51-55, T
Feb 15, 2011