The Promise

This is the story about a little six year old boy almost seven in July. I will explain about the situation before I write a little story I can read to him. He lives with my son now. He is my daughter's son. Long sad story about that. He started kindergarten about five months ago. and we all work with him. He doesn't like school much, he find things hard.I'm trying to change his mind. learning how to love to learn.. My son is working miracles. I wrote a story on EP titled " My bug loving grandson ", and read it to him. He was all exited. I showed him on the globe where some of my EP friends lived. He thought that was so cool. I told him I would write another story about him if he could make it a whole week without getting into any trouble at school. I promised. His teacher told my son she's never had a more difficult student. Defcon 5!! My son has daily reports. To Joe... Content bad Signed.. -Miss McKenzie. All the emails read. Then now ,suddenly for a whole week straight, To Joe... Good job Jerimiah! .Signed- Miss Mc Kenzie. We were all amazed! So here is my promise fulfilled. This is what I'll read to him... Jerimiah is a special kid who likes to play video games on his Uncles Joe's I Pod. He grows crops on it with the help of the Smurf community. He also plays other games. He thinks it's kind of funny that he knows more about video games than his grandma does. He runs a business with his crops " You know, you have to spend money to make money", he tell me. He also loves to go fishing with his grandpa and his uncle Joe. Even in the rain. He wear his "Jerimiah Jones" hat as his grandpa dubbed it and passed on to him. He looks just like the real one. He likes to fish because he gets to eat donuts for breakfast. His real love is bugs though. He knows what kinds some of them are. I think he will grow up to become an entomologist. He knows what that means. He loves our boxer dog named George. George loves him too. They play a lot together when he comes over for the weekend. He's doing very good in school right now and knows how proud we are. he says it's really hard. He knows it will get easier with practice just like video games do. He knows how loved he is. Thank you all for reading about Jerimiah.
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I sincerely thank all the readers of this story! This has really had an impact on my grandson and his success in school. You can't imagine how much I love and want to help this boy! He has been through so much! He tell me school is still hard, but get get easier. Hopefully, he can get through the rest rest of the year without too much trouble!! Thanks again!

That's lovely.Tell him we have some really weird insects in New Zealand.He would love our giant tree weta.See if you can google it for him, if not I will send him a photo.You tell him there's a famous man in NZ called The Bug Man.I will google him and send the site.You tell him I'm proud of how well he's doing.I used to play with moths and carerpillars when I was his age.I fed the moths honey water and had a big box full of magpie moth caterpillars.They are black and orange.

I enjoyed reading this, Thanks for posting.