Breaking Free

 I need to do somethings new i have to make a difference a huge difference cuz this is not a way to live. I want to start today right now. I need to get out more in the sun. I need to stop going to creepy places alone at night, it's dangerous to be alone in empty streets where nobody is around. I need to make more art. I need to fight through the pain not surrender to it. I have to get myself free out of this illness. I need to get more fresh air. I need to play new video games. I need to focus on college. I need to listen to new bands, weird songs, crazyy music. I need to get hyper and crazyy (in a good way) lol. I need to watch new movies. I need to stay away from depressive places and negative people. I need to hold my angel in my arms and let her know how much she really means to me. I just simply neeeeed a new begining. A new start where i am free from this pain especially the pyhsical, a start where i can be me where there's no more fake smiles and much less tears except if it is tears of happiness . No more crying. No more feeling pity for myself. No more abusive people. No more lies and pain. No more doctors. Just a simple good life.
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4 Responses Nov 4, 2011

All those things you want to do have you written them down? if not get a pen right now and in your diary or a note book start at number one and write them all down, when you write them down, something quite amazing happens, during the day see yourself in possession of the changes you desire, those things you have written down, see yourself OUT of that illness and all the others things and speak like they have already been accomplished and watch how soon the change will happen!!

Wow that sounds great, well i wrote them on my phone but yea with a pen it'll feel mooore different :D thanks Diane31

Yes its when you write them down in your own handwriting on paper it just HAPPENS...everything I have written down, I have seen all those things come to pass, just stay focused and watch your life change!!!

yea good suggestions. i keep doing all these things i think i "should" be doing that aren't actually making me happy.

thanks, and i know what you mean!

You know Im right by your side forever my dearest love. :) Ill help you through it all, Ill fight for us, ill fight for you. :)<br />
I love you.

Thank you lovely :) i'm right by your side too my angel.
I love you too :)

Pretty much what I need to do! :)<br />
Well said!

ok :) and thankies