At All Times There Is Always Time For Self Improvement .

 I actually enjoy trying to  improve myself ... To be goal oriented ... and  be able to  attain  a goal  is so self fulfilling and  really  raises  your self esteem .   It really sets  you up for the next  phase of your life ... I  really want to quit smoking .. which is so hard !!!  But im gonna do it eventually .. Because its something i want . Last night i was doing my bible study and it was about resisting temptation ... and its  true if  I take it to God then i can  DO it , because he will help me  conquer the temptations  

starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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2 Responses Apr 28, 2007

I DID IT, when ever the little voice in my head started working on me, i would say NO I QUIT, write it on your hand, so you will remember not to let the voice even get a chance to start working on u

Thats great good luck with that! I really really need to kick the old cigarette habit myself. I have smoked for many years and I hate the way my clothes smell and the fact that other people smell it on me. People can smell it on me even if I am wearing clean clothes that I have not smoked in prior to being around them. The smell just lingers onto and into everything! Frankly I get embarrassed when people detect it and ask if I am a smoker. I try to hide it or mask it but its impossible. I don't do drugs and very rarely drink alcohol so it is my only vise! I hope you are successful in quitting and if you have any tips or suggestions please let me know.