The Way I Am Trying To Improve My Life With Abstinence

For about 6 years, sex was the main part of my life, between the ages 10 and almost 16. When I was a young teen having sex be the main focus of my life was OK. I got into a car wreck and got seriously hurt in 08. This accident forced me to quite having sex until I was 18. So four sexless years. In this time that I was not having sex I became depressed. When I started having sex again, for about a year and a half sex was the most important part of my life.

My New Years Resolution for 2013 is not to have sex all year. I have gone without sex before but it was not my choice. I am now trying to make religion the main focus of my life. I am trying to better my life by not having sex. This will hopefully help me make stronger relationships

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Jan 12, 2013