Today is... Friday, technically saturday. Today I uploaded my movie unto the film festival's dropbox, that was tiring but ya know I'm excited for things to come. Today I met up with Emma, she made me slutty brownies. We talked for a while and a while longer, there were highs and lows in that conversation. I'm happy with the way I chose my words, I mean its really a stride that's what she called it. I feel happy ya know? Even though we broke up I've been focusing on myself, focusing on the mantra of "tomorrow's version of me should be able to beat yesterday's me. She's a good friend. I did feel sad through ya know, losing the daily habits I had for someone whom I love/d.

Ya know what stops me from ranting though? I like me, I like the choices I make and that is me. Also Joey Ramone. I love Joey Ramone. He is very inspiring, loving, and influential. I like to thank him for Subterranean Jungle today it helped. He makes me happy. Considering I talk so much about the Ramones/Joey I should probably get a shirt/bracelet/satchel. I already have a huge overhead Ramones poster but I want to carry their spirit with me to remind me of their good music and my good times. So a satchel sounds like a good idea, don't it? I love the Ramones. I think I want to try to base my next project based on the Ramones/Joey/Punk, I don't know what I'd do with it but it is something I'd cherish. "Being a punk is all about attitude." -Joey Ramone

Let's all be happy, I'm not afraid of life. I'm certainly not afraid of people as much as I was before but it is still a skill I should work at. Too tough to die! That's all for now I think that is a solid first entry.
jbisoon jbisoon
18-21, M
Aug 17, 2014