There's always room for improvements!

I'm not exactly happy/ satisfied with my life as it is at the moment and well i am making small changes and it is all slow progress but it is something at least i guess!

I'm still trying to improve my self esteem, confidence and starting to believe in myself but i still got a long way to go!

I'm still trying to get out of my comfort zone trying new things and doing something different but that is kinda hard! As i've had many problems this year which delayed everything and have to wait to be able to do it...

My health is getting worst and well i am trying to take more control of dealing with it and trying to sort something out to reduce the pain and to be able to live life without health problems stopping me!

I'm trying to learn to meditate as i know how good that is for the mind and health but finding the perfect method that works just right for me so i'm on a journey to search for meditation!

LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2014