I Feel Like I'm Stuck In A Horrible Movie!

Hey everybody!  I'm 27 yrs. old female and stuck in a horrible marrige.  My husband is gay.  Didn't know this when I married him.  The friends I did have were no good.  I was doing drugs and had no asperation for life.  Even though I am in a very bad place right now, dealing with the fact that my husbad is gay, i'm doing pretty well.  I really need some good friends. I love music and art.  I usually get along best with males. I  Would really like a good woman friend though.  I'm not a girly girl, that's why I don't get along with most woman.  I'm not a tom boy eaither.  I just don't give a **** about shoes and name brand purses.  I hope there is someone out there that can relate.  Hope to hear from someone soon!
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If you need me I am here for you

Wow I envy you! I would kill for a gay husband! You have to look at the big picture. Even though you say shoes don't matter, the fact you brought it up proves you do,,,and that's okay,,,,i love sgoes too! But girl,,if you married a gay man and didn't know it,,,,you spent to much time at my favorite playground,,,,MACCYIES!!!

I can understand your situation. I worked with this guy for 4 years. was his best-man at their wedding.His new wife couldn't understand where she went wrong.Hell,I didn't know he was gay.I talked more to his wife than I did him after we found out. we both felt betrayed.

I may not be female but if you need someone to talk too, about anything, i'll do my best to listen and give advice(if you want).

If you just want a friend - I would love to hear from you any time. As it has been a while since you found out about your husband - have you decided what to do about it yet? You are looking for a friend. What would make a perfect friend? You mentioned you did not want a girly girl as you are not into clothes or anything. What does interest you?

I feel ya !!my wife dont like sex and im a fricken horney toad!!!id love to be your friend!!hit me up im steve from houston tx hit me up on face book steve arthurhrultz

I am quite a bit older than you are and was never a girly girl also as my role models growing up were male cousins. Never fell into the designer clothes too. Am most comfortable in jeans working outside in my gardens. <br />
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Remember a night when we were going out with other couples and the women were bragging about the hundreds of dollars they had spent on purses. I threw my purse down on the table and said "Fashion Bug. Six bucks!".