Need a Few Good Friends

To be truthful I'm in a job that creates lots of contacts, but really causes people to shy away from me because of the job. I really would like to make some friends that are apart from the job I have. I'm a very laid back guy, you could say I've some red neck ways but I'm really cool to most ways of life. It would be nice for the person(s) to be relativly close to the Southern Indiana, louisville,KY area.

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3 Responses Apr 7, 2008

I understand that whatever job outflows to people, people are suspicious of you wanting to sell them or investigate them. <br />
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Do you have any interests - hobbies or some such thing - which could help you to be in touch with people exterior to your job and at which you take off the job 'hat'. <br />
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I say this because joining groups where you are doing something you like - will connect you with others who have a similar like. Already you have a connection. It is then just a matter of also talking to others in that group.<br />
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Would you be able to do this?

I was going to guess mortician, which wouldn't be good contacts as they are all dead. lol

Still sounds interesting. N W Indiana here

ah, so lots of contact but not that many 'good' contacts.

You are a tax inspector?