i have alway been shy, and kind of hard to get to know.  Big trust issues, too.  but I'm tired of being loneley all the time.  so, hard as it is, i'm trying to be more outgoing and make friends.
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Well I'm shy to and I dot covent and when I try i make friend they turn bad 4 me

I can totally understand your situation as I had similar problems. What I did was decided that I was going to do something I enjoyed. I found areas of interest and looked for groups where I could train in this area or where i could meet others in this area.<br />
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You are one step closer to making friends as you are already with people who are doing things you also like doing. I joined up loads - as it stopped me having time to think. Most of the time before or after the activities - or sometimes during - people would talk to me. I found a couple of people I particularly liked and noticed they were very friendly and made these my friends.<br />
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There are so many different activities you can do these days. Just have a look around and join whatever interests you.<br />
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I wish you luck on your adventure and hope you have as much fun as I did.

I'm wishing you good luck too! there are a lot of us like you Lucid!

Good luck! Don't forget, not all of it is about changing yourself. Maybe none of it is really, I'm sure the *you* is pretty darn good! It really is just a matter of finding *your* way to connect to people, and what works for you, and then developing the necessary skills, I think.<br />
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Or at least... that's an approach that has worked for me over the years, even if I naturally tend towards being hermit. Time and place for everything methinks, and making friends is a skill that can be learned.<br />
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Good fortune with your endeavours! :)

I feel the same way. It's really hard to make friends when you have trust issues. I have a lot of trust issues as well. I don't think I have ever had any friends I could totally trust with my most personal thoughts. It's not that they are/were bad friends, I just have a hard time trusting ANYbody. It is really hard to be outgoing when you're an introvert.

Well I think your doing a good job so far! 1+ friend here! ;)