I have been digging thru this website, looking for legitimate folks who want to create friendships (and possibly more down the line if it goes that direction) and so far every profile I have come across has been blocked for extreme sexual content. The majority of the profiles have warnings that they've shared way too many "mature situations".

That's just plain GROSS and nasty. What about the rest of us that were raised right and are really looking to connect with people? Are there no caring, loving, relationship minded people here?

All I want is to make some friends, see what happens, and if there is a certain element that says anything should develope, go from there.....

It's also a bit bizarre that someone will ask to be a friend, say I am beautiful and they are in love with me, and want me to give them my personal information right away (within minutes of starting a chat)! That is just plain NUTS. Who actually DOES that? Sounds like catfishing to me!

If you really want to make a friend, then feel free to message me.
Chanrhu Chanrhu
51-55, F
Aug 20, 2014