Fresh Start..

  Ok. Where to start. Basically when I was younger, about 13 years old or so, I started worrying about popularity alot more. I met some new friends whom alot of people would consider to be a part of the "bad crowd" if you know what I mean. I began hanging out with those types of people and over the years went through alot of struggles, and bullshit. You know, the average rebeling teenager basically. Stealing,Drinking,drugs,Fights, you name it I lived it. I've lived on the streets lived the hard life in the past. basically over the years I began to realize more, and more, that these people were genuinley not my friends. More than anything they were just drinking buddies, and fellow drug users, etc. I have been trying to get my life together for some time now. Finally I am starting to succeed in this, only because I have recently dropped those friends altogether finallyyy. I've stopped answering their phone calls, stopped trying to hang out with them, and basically cut off all association with them, which I believe is definitley the right thing to do if I ever hope to make something better out of myself.

  So that was a mouthful. Basically now I just find myself alone. It's not easy to make good friends once your a little older. I am now 21 years old. I go to community college, have a job, etc. I couldnt have managed to do either of these things if I were to continue hanging out with those types of people. I am happy with the direction my life is going now for sure, but as I said, I have no one to share this with. No one to hang out with, talk to, or anything. I find myself feeling increasingly lonely, and isolated the more I am alone, and I just really need some friends. ha. I forgot to mention too, that before when i had all those friends, I was decently popular. I had too many friends to count, Partied on a regualr basis, got girls and all that, so Its not like Im a timid guy or anything. like I said, Its just not that simple to make close friends at this age. Aquaintances maybe, but thats about it.

  Well that's my story, tell me what you think .peace.  ;)

kailuagrown808 kailuagrown808
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I think it's awesome you decided to dump those nogood friends. Also because you're still 21 and you realised it now. You were, thank god, still on time to build up your life! <br />
Also, I think you should just do some things you're interested in. Maybe, do something you like. Join a club, something like that. You can choose to join some sportsclub or something. Or ask someone in school to join you? <br />
*try not to sound too desperate ;)

where do you live - at home with parents? If so maybe moving into a share house could help you find some new friends.