Anyone Up For It ?

Hello I'm 19 from California and I've been wanting to have a lesbian experience with someone I've been curious for a whole now
Curiosity07 Curiosity07
22-25, F
6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

18 from California as well!

Mature cpl who have taken more than a few young lover FF cherries. Then showed them the joys of being used by both a M and a W.

i am curious too, I'm 21 and live in california also. Never tried it, but I just want to know how it will feel like. If you are up to meet up secretly I am so down :]

I'm so up for it, would love to taste your p.ussy lips right now!

If your interested in girls that are virgins call (443)-468-9226

Where in cali are you? I'm in so Cal and want to try...

Where in socal? I want to try too.

I'll try it too, where in socal ?

I'm from the San Fernando valley? I'll try with you~