157.2 lbs today!! (205 lbs in Jan '14) I feel incredible. For the first time in years I've not endured summer in long all-covering clothes and that alone is worth it. I also went on a short run with my son and felt so light - pick up 50 lbs of anything and you'll see how crazy heavy that is. I wish I would have done this so much sooner, instead I let myself be a 'victim' - now I feel much more confident! 7.2 lbs to go to goal!!
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Wow! Good for you. I lost 110 Lbs. Some time ago. The hardest part was not going back to old habits. Keep up the good work!

110 is incredible - wow! I love how light I feel on my feet after just 50, so 110 loss must have made you feel like a new person! :)

Wow congratulations that's a huge amount of weight to lose that fast, nice job

Thank you!! It's such a relief, I love how it feels!

No problem, once I'm back home I think I'm gonna start going on runs to get in better shape, I'm not as active as I used to be and post like these are inspiring

You can do it - yeah, injury and pregnancy slowed me down so it kept coming on. But now I lost all this without any exercise, just diet change! So I can't blame it in my injuries anymore!

I'd love to change my diet but ever since I was a kid I've been eating unhealthy and never really tried any healthy foods. I'm an average weight for my height but I'd like to get more physically fit. What did you exactly change about your diet?

Well, it all first started with me not focusing on my weight but my health, mainly my head! I was getting bad 'brain fogs', migraines, and feeling overall 'unclear' and disorganized in my thinking. I read about ppl who had success in changing their diet so that was my motivator. In the recent past I failed loosing weight when I zoomed in on my body only - guess it just caused more anxiety and depression.

As for my diet change I went thru several phases. I 'detoxed' myself with a mix of concepts I read about, clearing my system of sugars, refined carbs, etc. I also tried to stay away from anything processed. I did, still does, eat fruit, lots of it, which I know is adviced against in some weightloss plans but since that was not my focus I included it.

It took about 3-4 weeks to notice that my carb and sugar cravings was changing. It was such a relief to not feel like I was under this 'spell' and now afterwards I can honestly say it's what kept me from being in control over what I ate. Now I make rational food decisions, rather than let my cravings dictate what I reach for.

It's a process. I did not set out to loose 55 lbs as my starting goal, that came later. And even then I have smaller goals, like just reaching 180, 170, etc. Baby-steps! And I changed the core of my diet during this time depending on how I felt. If I was too lethargic etc I knew I ate too little etc. I also later got help from a Naturopath to eliminate foods that may trigger my migraines which helped that aspect a great deal. But again, it's a process, and an eagerness on my part to want to feel better.

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