I Couldn't Help It

He is a bad guy, but he is really smart and powerful, I really admire him. I wouldn't mind being that smart. He dared to challenge good, and he paid for it.

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I choose to be insane, being a genius is hard.

Very true...there's a fine line between genius and insanity...I want to be both! I'm already a bit insane, but not quite a genius yet...

Well, he was evil and he wanted immortality. Of course he was outsmarted by kids, so you are right he was not that smart.<br><br />
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There is a fine line between genius and craziness, I guess he crossed the line.

I never viewed him as particularly smart...I mean, what kind of person would split his soul into seven pieces just so that he can be immortal? There's no way I would do that. And wouldn't he have thought that maybe someone could find them all?<br />
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I guess he was pretty smart just to figure out how to make Horcruxes...

Good for him, he is cool. thanks for the comment

He is a character in book, so well written that everyone has a strong feeling about it.

um- that would be because he DOES

I understand you, I had really bad teachers when I was in school. They just did their best to break me!<br />
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So I would say snape is really well created. You can believe he enjoys hurting people.

i HATE snape

It is one of my favorite books, makes you laugh, makes you cry, I love it. Try the movies, they are good too.

OK, you are a fan of snape. He reminded me of my teachers. I had really bad memories of my school days.<br />
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So I decided he was real!


I love snape too, but I didn't want to be snape. that's all.

No, I haven't. I should look though, since he was a death eater!

well you've probably seen the love snape groups



snape is weak, he is a follower, and a loser. So I stick to the real bad guy

well i guess its better than those idiots who are love sck for professor snape

Yes, thanks

kinda lame :)