Great Man Dying Young

A close friend of my fathers has recently been told there is nothing more that the doctors can do for him. He has been fighting cancer for more than a year and a half. He has been through chemotherapy multiple times, has had had multiple surgeries and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times. Now he has gone home to die and is being cared for by hospice.
He is a great man who is a pastor in his church and has dedicated his life to serving God. He is only 40 years old and has a wife and 3 small children ages 6 and under. His oldest child is brain damaged from birth and is totally unable to care for herself and is unable to walk or talk or do much of anything for herself.
I wish that bad things happened only to bad people. Unfortunately too often it is the good people like my friend who suffer the most. There are so many truly terrible people in this world who nobody would miss if something happened to them. Some of them have done terrible things and would deserve to die a horrible death.
Instead it is people like my friend who spend their life serving God and helping others who suffer and die young
charliew charliew
41-45, M
May 17, 2011