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My best friend that I have know since I was 4 and who I grew up with was diagnosed with cancer roughly 2 years ago. She had been having back pain for a couple years and had been to the doctor multiple times, and was always told to go home and take some painkillers. One day it got really bad, she couldn't get out of bed. Her boyfriend at the time managed to get her to the hospital where they took some scans and found something abnormal around her lower back/hip.

They told her it could be a tumor or it could just be a bad infection, I always prayed it was the latter. She was sent for more scans and tests, and maybe a month or 2 later, she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a very aggressive form of cancer most common in children, teens and young adults. She was devastated. I can remember her calling me and saying "this is what they've diagnosed, can you find some information on the net for me". What I found wasn't good. Most people are never cleared of the disease, many having relapses. Chances of survival aren't good, but she was a fun loving person who always lived life to the fullest, and I knew she would never give up without a fight. I always told myself she would win, that she would fight it and that 1 week every month hooked up to a drip for chemo would save her life. Looks like I was wrong.

She'd always had beautiful long hair, and I remember when it started falling out. I remember her telling me about the time she ran her fingers through her hair and a big clump just came out. Not too long after that, she got her boyfriend to shave off all her hair. She said if she was going to lose her hair, it would be on her terms. They got her in for chemo as soon as they could, initially she would spend the whole week in hospital, but after a few weeks they decided she would be well enough to go home every night. I visited her in hospital for her birthday, it near broke my heart to see her lying there looking so fragile and sick, so as horrible as it sounds, I tried to avoid going back and instead tried to visit her at home. She still insisted on working throughout the 3 weeks she wasn't having chemo; as I said, nothing could stop this girl and I wish I could be more like her.

She eventually broke up with her boyfriend and found another bloke who spoils her and looks after her, even though he knows the situation he is there by her side. Her parents rented her a place and come down to look after her while she's in for chemo. I'd like to have visited her more while there was time. I found out only yesterday that she doesn't have alot of time left, and next time I visit her might be the last. It makes me sad, but I can't seem to really cry over it because I still can't comprehend what is happening. I can't accept that she is going to lose the fight. Inside I'm screaming, and the only thing I can think to do is to write how I feel, and share my story with others out there who are losing or have lost a friend to cancer.
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I too have a friend. I wont know until next week if it is cancer or not, but is becoming unbearable knowing she may not be well. Im sorry you have gone through this too. I really am.

Thank-you, I know your pain. My friend sadly passed away on December 28th 2011, 4 days after I visited her. She was at peace and just didn't have the energy to talk much, but the one thing I remember her saying as clear as when she said it, was "please don't cry" right after I hugged her. I wiped away my tears and tried to be strong, but as her mother walked me out I couldn't help but cry. I really hope your friend turns out to be ok, as losing my friend is one of the most painful things that has ever happened to me. Hang in there *hugs*